Starting A New Year in 3TM!

Welcome back to our 2013 new school year and our first post for 3TM.  Over the past few days at school, our class has worked together to get to know each other.  We have also worked on developing our own “Class Charter”.  Each student was asked to think about the types of things that are important in making 3TM a great classroom.  We thought about how we would like to be treated in our class.  When we had written down 3 important things, we paired up with a partner to discuss our ideas.  We came up with another list on sticky notes.   Each pair then brought their sticky notes to the whole class discussion.  From here we added these ideas to our own “Class Charter”.  This was a great exercise as all students have contributed to this important agreement.

What do you think about our Class Charter?  Do you have a special agreement for your classroom?