Blogging Challenge Week 4

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Water polaroid

 For our Blogging Challenge this week we decided to join the  Blog Action Day Activity.   We felt this was important because in Australia, water is very precious.   In Melbourne, we have had very little rain for the past few years and we have had water restrictions.  Many farmers have not been able to grow things and our countryside has been victim to bushfires as it has been so dry.   Although we have finally had some good rain this winter, we are still not allowed to water our lawns or wash our cars with a hose. 

 These are some of the ways the children of 2T  have been trying to save water. 

  • We don’t play with water.

  • We use a bucket in the shower to collect water to water our gardens.

  • We try to be careful not to spill water when we pour it.

  • We try to have a 4 minute shower and use a shower head that saves water.

  • We don’t fill our bathtub to the top.

  • We use “grey” water to water our gardens.

  • We use water tanks to collect water when it rains.

  • In the hot weather we water our garden only twice a week so the plants roots go deeper for water.

 Do you have any other ideas for saving water in our world?