Why Is It So?

Squorl science

Click on the picture above to discover some interesting things about science!


6 thoughts on “Why Is It So?

  1. Dear Miss T and Mrs M,
    In science I have learnt that anything that is sour has got acid. For e.g. a sour lolly worm, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, vinegar.
    Also ‘matter’ is everything around us. ‘Matter’ is anything that takes up space.
    From Nathan

    • Hi Nathan,
      You have already learned so many new things. I wonder what new things you can learn about science next?
      From Ms Tieppo

      • Hi Miss T and Mrs M!
        What I want to learn about science is ‘How to make explosions’. I want to know what causes explosions.

        • Hi Nathan,
          Thanks for checking into our blog. Explosions are fascinating! We will learn about things which cause a chemical reaction soon.
          From Ms. Tieppo

  2. Dear 3TM,
    I am enjoying term 3 so far so and it’s only the start so I should have one of the best terms ever.

    I have learnt that matter takes up space.
    so matter is everything. so I can’t wait until more of the term when we do experiments and chemical reactions.

    From Noi

    • Hi Noi,
      So happy to hear you are enjoying our Inquiry this term. I wonder what other experiments will be coming up?
      From Ms.Tieppo

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