On Friday, we were holding and cuddling our four chicks.  We talked about how each of our chicks have a special personality.  Here is our first chick, Lucky.  This chick is very friendly and cuddly.  We called him “lucky” because he is the only yellow chick.

Chicks in room 023 pol

Our next chick we have named “Cheeky Chubba”.  He is a little bit naughty and he likes to eat a lot.

Chicks in room 027 pol

Our next favourite is Spike.  We named him “Spike” because he has a big stripe on his head and back.

Chicks in room 025 pol

Last of all there is Blackie.  He was black when he was born and we thought this would be a good name for him.

Chicks in room 022 pol

We also have some sad news.  Last Tuesday we discovered that the remaining eggs in our incubator didn’t hatch.  The double yolk egg did have two chicks inside but they did not survive.  One chick was larger than the other one.  We all felt sad but we talked about how nature works in our world.  Sometimes animals don’t survive because they are not strong enough.