Learning About Life In A Pond Habitat!

Today all the Year 2 children went to a pond habitat to learn about the creatures and how their environment is important for their survival.
We all collected mini beasts from the pond with our nets and then looked at them under a microscope. It was amazing! We saw bloodworms, backswimmers, water fleas, dragonfly nymphs and spiders.

It was so much fun making frog noises too.  Jess our guide told us that there are over 300 species of frogs.  At the Sanctuary, the rangers provide special places for frogs to hide and live.  We were very lucky to see a tiny frog.  Jess told us never to handle a frog as any chemicals or soaps on our hands can make it sick.

Take a look at what we got up to.  Have you ever been to a pond?  What did you see?

Life In A Pond Excursion! on PhotoPeach