On Friday, we were holding and cuddling our four chicks.  We talked about how each of our chicks have a special personality.  Here is our first chick, Lucky.  This chick is very friendly and cuddly.  We called him “lucky” because he is the only yellow chick.

Chicks in room 023 pol

Our next chick we have named “Cheeky Chubba”.  He is a little bit naughty and he likes to eat a lot.

Chicks in room 027 pol

Our next favourite is Spike.  We named him “Spike” because he has a big stripe on his head and back.

Chicks in room 025 pol

Last of all there is Blackie.  He was black when he was born and we thought this would be a good name for him.

Chicks in room 022 pol

We also have some sad news.  Last Tuesday we discovered that the remaining eggs in our incubator didn’t hatch.  The double yolk egg did have two chicks inside but they did not survive.  One chick was larger than the other one.  We all felt sad but we talked about how nature works in our world.  Sometimes animals don’t survive because they are not strong enough.

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  1. Thanks Abiel for visiting our blog. We felt sad when the chicks died but we were happy that we still had some chicks left. Do you have any pets in your classroom?

    from all of us in 2T 🙂

  2. Hi 2T, I think that those chicks look very cute and cool. I am very sorry about your loss of those few chicks. It’s like you said that’s the way life works. I’ve had a pet die and it feels like losing a family member. I hope your chicks went to a happy place. If you want you can visit our class blog it’s on I hope you visit. : )

  3. Hi 2T

    I just read that Spike is now a rooster! Who took Spike to live with them? I wonder if he is like Kip in the book. Does he crow yet?


    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  4. Greetings from Australia. We are wondering how many chicks you had when you were a kid? We had four chicks in our classroom. Jessica and Isabella in our class took home the chicks and now they have grown up. Spike is now a rooster!
    From all of us in 2T. 🙂

  5. Greetings from Thailand! That must be amazing for all of you to have the experience of having chicks in the class. I remember it vividly from when I was a kid. 🙂

  6. Dear Signora Conte,
    All our chicks are gone now but Jessica and Isabella told us the chicks are now chickens. Jessica told us that Lucky is not so yellow anymore and she is getting white feathers.
    Isabelle, Isabella, Tarquin and Matthew thought of the names.
    Thank you for saying we are good “Chick Parents”
    from 2t:)

  7. Dear Mrs. Stewart,
    Peter told us that if it is a girl it will squat when you hold it. If it is a male it will stand up straight. On the weekends, the chicks used to sleep and eat. We made sure there was lots of food and water.
    Jessica took home Lucky, Cheeky Chubba and Spike. Spike’s stripe has gone away and he is getting a comb on his head. He is also being very cheeky at Jess’ house.
    Love from 2t

  8. Hi 2T,
    I love the pictures of the chicks they look so adorable and fluffy.
    It would be great to get pictures before they go to their new homes and compare their size and colours to see how quickly they change – a before and after pictures.
    Who thought of the names – they were very clever.
    2T you are good “chick parents” -well done
    Signora Conte

  9. Dear 2T
    I enjoy reading about your chicks. I wonder what happens on the weekend when no-one is at school to check up on the chicks. Do you think you might need to re name “Blackie” to “Collingwood” because he has both black and white colours now.
    Thanks for telling me the names of the chicks. When I come to vist your classroom I will be able to call them by their name. I wonder if you could tell me how I can distinguish male from female in a chick?
    We can learn so much from nature and Science.
    Mrs Stewart

  10. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2T

    It sounds like 2T know their chicks very well!!

    Thank you for letting me stay to watch some of the photo stories of your experiments today. I was so impressed with the photos that were taken and the way people added their information and chose their music to demonstrate their experiment.

    I think 2T are VERY clever and make wonderful scientists!! (I especially loved Wes’ photo as a scientist!)

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

  11. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    We think that the chicks would say thank you for the great names and the yummy food. The chicks would wish that they could talk to us in English. Alexander thinks that Cheeky Chubba would say “Feed me, feed me. I am starving!” Alyssa thinks that the chicks might say that they are lucky to go home with the children in 2t. Gruff says that Lucky might say “Can I have another cuddle please?” Lucky and Spike sometimes play footy with the torn newspaper in the box. They would say “Move it. I want to get a goal!”
    from 2t:)

  12. Hi Ms Tieppo and 2T

    What great photos of your chicks…Well done Ms Tieppo!!

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the chicks could talk. I wonder what they would say about the 2T students and what they see happening in the classroom in 2T??

    Miss Yeomans 🙂

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