Birthday Time and Costume Day!


We had a special day at school today.  Today it was Mrs. Mosbauer’s birthday and it was also our Class Reward Day because we filled our Marble Jar.  As a reward we chose to have a costume day.  We all came dressed as our favourite person or character.

In the afternoon, the parents presented Mrs. Mosbauer with a beautiful scarf and some pansy plants for her garden at home.  She was so happy to receive the plants because she has the perfect place to put them.  She thanked all the parents for the beautiful gift.

We also made a special book for Mrs. Mosbauer during our writing time but it was a big secret.    It was a book of poetry about Mrs. Mosbauer.  We included lots of different types of poems including cinaquains and acrostic poems. She was very amused with some of the interesting verbs used liked, “ravenous” and “famished”.  We all love Mrs. Mosbauer and her terrific sense of humour!  We hope she had a lovely day!

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