Reflections on Book Week!

We had a great time in Book Week. The theme was “Read Across the Universe”. We got to see lots of people dressed up as Book Characters. The most popular character was Harry Potter, Specky McGee and Billie B Brown. It was really fun and lots of people dressed up as cool and funny things. Across the school there were four Andy Roids and two of them were in 3TM.
Many people in 3TM also sent Miss Y some “Shelfies” (photos of ourselves with our book shelves at home) and Ms Tieppo was a guest reader in the Library.  She read her favourite story “Guess How Much I Love You?”
For the activities we did in class, we used our imagination. Our activities were based on Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon. One of the activities was to create a collage of New York at night. We also sent our friends a postcard from New York.  We were focusing on New York as Herman and Rosie’s story was set in New York. 
We read to our buddies in our classroom in the afternoon. It was such a fun week! Thanks to Miss Y for organising such a great week!

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9 thoughts on “Reflections on Book Week!

  1. Hi Miss T and Mrs M,
    I had a really fun time dressing up as our favourite book characters and my favourite part was when we went to the gecko and we had to say what we were dressed up as. I can’t wait until next year and what we would do for book week.

    From Christian. A

    • Hi Christian,
      Thanks for your comment on Book Week. Lots of children in 3TM also loved the dressing up and the parade in the GECCO. I also wonder what next year’s them might be?
      From Ms. Tieppo

  2. Hi Ms. Tieppo
    I loved dressing up for Book Week, everyone looks so great in their costumes .I loved how everyone in St.Martins got to do dress up. Also I can’t wait to do it next year.
    Love from Sian

    • Hi Sian,
      Everyone always seems to love a dress up day. You looked terrific in your gymnastics gear. I wonder what next year’s book theme will be?

      From Ms.Tieppo

  3. Hi Ms. Tieppo!
    I really enjoyed book week. I loved the activities on Herman And Rosie. They were so cool! I also loved reading to my buddy, Isaac T! Thank you for a great day Ms. T and of course, Miss Y!
    From Emma.

    • Hi Emma,
      Thanks for your comment about Book Week. I think that everyone in our class had a really good day. Buddy reading is so much fun too. I wonder what Miss Y would say was the highlight of her Book Week?

      From Ms. Tieppo

  4. Hi Miss T and Mrs M!
    Wow! What an exciting day we had on Friday!!
    My favourite moment was when we had our school costume book parade!! I enjoyed being Maxx Rumble! Michael Wagner the author saw my photo and commented that I looked cool!
    From Nathan

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